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We use
Royal Canine GI Low Fat

$4 food charge
if we use our food.

Pamper your pet
and arrange for a bath before you pick them up. We can also schedule to have their nails trimmed before pick-up.

Customer Appreciation
(You will receive your customer appreciation cards at checkout)

One Card per family.

Boarding Discount:
Stay a total of 5 separate boarding visits and receive 2 free boarding days with a free bath on your 6th stay! ($Up to a $40.)

"I am the most obsessive, paranoid and controlling person when it comes to my dogs. This is the first time I have ever had to board one of them. Waterville Animal resort came highly recommended by someone that I respect a great deal. I have three GSD's and unfortunately the hotels we found only allowed 2 dogs. The youngest of the pack had to stay. The staff at W.A.R. were absolutely AMAZING! No one seemed to mind me calling every day to check on Daegan, and they knew who he was as soon as I said his name. They were very personable and friendly. Daegan came home happy, even after having to stay for 5 days!! I would not hesitate to board with them again!"

- Tammy

























































We have a state of the art boarding facility that can meet the needs of any dog or cat. All pets are also provided with fresh clean water, and IAMs food. It is recommended that you bring the food your pet is used to, as a sudden dietary change can cause temporary upset to their digestive tract. We have 24 hour on-site care, and if any emergencies happen to arise, there is veterinarian on the premises.

Dog kennels


We offer 3 different sized dog kennels to fit any breed or to provide multiple dogs from the same family a comfortable stay. Each kennel contains a “rest bench” for bedding and the entire facility is equipped with in-floor heating for those cold winter days and central air-conditioning to keep your pet cool all summer. All dogs are let outside multiple times a day for approximately 30 minutes at a time to individually fenced outdoor runs. In addition, we have small supervised playgroups in our indoor play room and outdoor play yard throughout the day to provide an opportunity for exercise and play. All dog kennels are sanitized twice daily and as needed, all outdoor areas are sanitized between each shift of dogs and as needed.

Our separate cat room provides a quite and calm retreat for our feline friends. Our cat condos are spacious and can comfortably accommodate multiple cats from the same family. Your cat will have an opportunity daily to “stretch their legs” and have full use of the cat room. They can lounge on the cat trees or take advantage of relaxing by the large window. All cat condos are sanitized daily and as needed.

Boarding Pricing:

Kennel Sizes (3 sizes available):

Small KennelSmall
3' x 6'- $22/day
medium kennelMedium
4' x 6' - $24/day
Large KennelLarge
8 'x 6'- $26/day

Cat Condos:
$12/ day

Boarding Two Pets:
Small Cage: $22/day for first pet, $17/day for second/third
Medium Cage: $24/day for first pet, $19/day for second/third
Large Cage: $26/day for first pet, $20/day for second/third
Cat: $14/day for first pet, $10 day for second/third

$4/day charge for giving medications

outdoor play group

Play Groups
There is nothing better than running and playing with each other and that is what your pet will get in our new outdoor play area. Securely fenced in with all types of play toys available.

Group Play - $7/half hour
Private Play - $9/half hour

Daycare Rates
Going out of town for the day? Having work done on your house or yard?
Working a long day? Want to have your dog socialized? Try our daycare services. Your dog will be well taken care of, socialized, and exhausted from all of the fun when you pick them up!

$16/day for each dog (playtime included)

How we charge?

If your pet is dropped off between the hours of 4pm-6pm and you pick-up your pet between the hours of 4pm-6pm the next day this will incur a charge of one and one-half days.

Another example would be if you dropped your pet off between the hours of 4pm-6pm and picked your pet up the next day between 8am-12noon. This would incur a charge for two-half days or one full day.

We must reserve the space for the entire day. Whether you leave your pet right as we open or right before we close, our "cost" is the same since we don't provide partial-day boarding.

In addition, picking up your pet in the afternoon instead of morning means that the space will remain empty that night as it is unlikely it will be filled in the last minutes before closing, therefore, PM pickups incur in a new period's charge.

Many kennels charge both for the first and last day regardless of times. We tried to "split the difference" by not charging for the last day if your pet is picked up during morning business hours.

We tried many different pricing policies and hours over the years and none is perfect for every case. We settled for the ones that seem to work for the majority of our clients. Just remember that if "this time" it seems unfair for your case, the "next time" it may work to your advantage.

Sunday Hours

Very few kennels operate seven days a week, particularly on Sundays. Since many of our clients return on Sunday afternoon and go to work early Monday morning, we decided to grant a two hour pick up period on Sunday evening so your pet can sleep at home that night as you get ready for the work week.
The trade off of opening our business on Sunday and because it is PM pick up only this day is always charged as a full boarding day.

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